Wednesday, 22 February 2012


2012 Opening night schedule -- January 27th, Friday

5:00 - 6:00 DJ Special Head

6:00- 6:08 Flight School

6:10 Maki Maki

6:25 Page of Cups

6:45 Maki Maki

7:00 Parasol Project

7:10 Maki Maki

7:30 Anarchestra performance

7:45 Twenty Thousand Strong Men

8:30 Parade

9:00 Anarchesta Jam

($5 donation requested)

The opening on January 27th was very arty, and a lot of fun.

Special Head started out with DJing.

Flight School:

Maki Maki (on Facebook):

Page of Cups:

Parasol Project:

Anarchestra performance:

20,000 Strongmen:

An awesome marching band paraded to Mat Bevel and Studio 108, leading the audience to the other sculpture venues:

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