Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Tucson Sculpture Festival 2012


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The festival ran from January 27th to Feb 12th, 2012.


Below are videos of last year's Sculpture Festival (2011):


The 2012 festival took place within a two block radius in the Tucson Warehouse Arts District, near the intersection of 6th St. and Stone Ave.
Sculpture Resource Center-- 640 N. Stone Ave. 85705
12-7 PM, Tuesday - Sunday, or whenever the doors are open
Mat Bevel Museum of Kinetic Art -- 530 N Stone Ave 85705
6-9PM Saturdays
Studio 108 (Susan Kay Johnson) -- 108 W. 5th st. 85705
1-7PM, Friday - Sunday

(Click above image for Google map to the Sculpture Resource Center)

(Click above image for Google map to Mat Bevel Museum)

(Click above image for Google map to Studio 108)


Aman, Kristine
Aragon, Alison
Avery, Jeffery
Baird, Imo
Bevel, Mat
Bowart, Wolfe
Cardenas, Cristina
Colon, Eneida
Corman, Greg
Culligan, Christina
Diaz, Ariel
Espinosa, Gonzalo
Georgiou, Nick
Gonzalez, Jorge
Johnson, Robard
Johnson, Susan Kay
Koenig, Eric
Langner, Eli
Notaro, Tina
Ogden, Prescott
Orozco, Moises
Parasol Project
Quintanilla, Martin
Raquet-Schwickert, Annesuse
Rider, Wiley
Sando, A Alex
Sierra, Leon
Tomasello, Jenna Francine
Vergeli, Jorge
Watson, Jon
Whitby, Paul
Joshua, Woodhall


We self-published a catalog on Lulu (eBook coming soon):


Danny made postcard annoucements and left them all over town before the Tucson Sculpture Festival.

The poster (at Shot in the Dark cafe, on the last day of the festival):

We put the TuTanKamote, the giant skull, on the street in front of the Tucson Sculpture Center, to attract attention to the festival:

Videos of TuTanKamote during the 2011 All Souls Procession:

The Apparition of TuTanKamote

TuTanKamote on Congress Street

TuTanKamote under the bridge

Moving TuTanKamote

We made a QR code to link to the festival website:

Cleaning up

The Sculpture Resource Center never looked so good, after we cleaned it up:

Eric Koenig spent so much effort packing his ceramic sculpture in Albuquerque, that he suggested we display the box:

Unpacking instructions: