Wednesday, 22 February 2012


The Anarchestra is a bunch of home made welded metal instruments, which the inventor often invites the audience to play. Amazon sells both Anarchestra CDs and MP3s.

The Parasol Project playing the Anarchestra at the opening (Jan 27):

The audience playing the Anarchestra at the opening (Jan 27):

The following Monday (Jan 30) Austin filmed the Anarchestra again. We now have a mini-documentary:

On Tuesday (Feb 7) Pablo from Xerocraft filmed the Anarchestra in front of a Ruben's Tube (YouTube footage):

Wednesday (Feb 8) we recorded once more:

Krrrl did some quick drawings of the instruments while he was gallery sitting:
Finally, Bob (Feb 10) showed the Anarchestra instruments to his students the Kino School:

Plus, a playlist of interesting musical alternatives.

Note:  The Anarchestra first played at the Sculpture Resource Center during the Dali party:

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